In 2006 I took the catering that I had been doing on the side and turned it into a real business, LLC and all.  My day job was killing me and the dream I’d had for so many years had been to start a catering business, so I decided to do it!

Fast forward to 2008! Word was out, I was networking and business had picked up.  It was great, I had succeeded and I was out there doing my thing, not to mention actually beginning to make a profit. Unfortunately, I never could get the guts to just quit my day job.  The financial stability was too comforting and I really didn’t want to take out any type of loan to run this catering business, so I kept working while working on catering.

In May of 2008 things started to really pick up and I had numerous events that continued through August of that year.  I was multitasking like I had never known before and it was extremely difficult.  The catering events where all very successful and the responsibilities at my day job never suffered.  Somehow I kept it all going, but after that last job on the books that summer I hit a wall.  My personal life had suffered, I felt like I was leaving my husband and my pets in the dust, I had zero time for myself and it was taking its tole in a very short time.  I took a good hard look at my work style and personality and realized that I don’t delegate, I’m too concerned with the tiniest of details (probably why every event turns out perfectly) and the only part of catering I really wanted to do was put the food on the platter to make it look good and oversee the event.

Man was this an eye opener! This sudden realization that the catering I had always thought I wanted to do really wasn’t working for me threw me into a whirlwind of bummerville!!  For a while I felt like a complete failure to myself, my family, anyone along that 17 year road where I had always said “I’m a caterer” or “I’m going to start a catering business someday.”  I tried to figure out some way to do it, to stay in it and carry on but what I realized was to do that, I would need to hire an executive chef and a staff.  Contemplating this, I decided I wouldn’t invest that kind of money in the business, plus I knew I would have a very difficult time delegating to these people and actually let someone else do the work.

With the help of time, family and friends I came to realize that I hadn’t failed anyone, especially myself.  At the age of 30 I did it, I started the business I had always thought I wanted.  My husband and I gave it a go and even made some money.  Every event was wonderful, clients returned and some are still calling…it was a success.

I’ll always cater for friends and family who are just throwing a party in their home and don’t care that I cook the food in their house or mine.  If you are one of the people who has been kind enough to hire me, support me, promote me, etc through all this I can’t thank you enough! Buffet, FCCO Birthday BenefitBuffet PFS ReceptionBirthday Buffet

So what will the next phase of my creativity bring you ask?  Well, at this point I’m just going with the flow.  In this economy we all just need to be thankful for what we have and take things one day at a time.  My day job keeps me living comfortably and usually very busy, while at home I invest my time in arts and crafts and gardening and being with my family.  These are the things that keep me happy and healthy and in my opinion this is how it should be.

Buffet, Wedding Reception, Aug 2008