Orb WeaverOrb Weaver Negative

The large, scary yet non-aggressive Orb Weaver spider that inhabits one of our bamboo pots outside the dining room.

This fellow has been living with us since at least mid-September and we have come to enjoy watching him.  He builds a beautifully huge perfect circular web and every few days he eats it, rests a few more days and then builds again. We’ve noticed that he’s growing!  Though he’s never been a small spider, I would guess if you could get close enough to measure him, he’d been about 2 inches in circumference if not more.



Several of his relatives inhabit the other plants around the yard as well.

Being that it’s Halloween season, Mr. Weaver has been quite an inspiration to many of my recent paintings.  He has the most beautiful detail on his hind end, this particular painting does not do him justice but I think it serves as a good spooky Halloween decoration.

Orb Weaver watercolor