Watercolor painting lends itself to spooky paintings.  Mixing the dark, opaque gouache tones with the watercolor paint straight from the tube and applying to a wet page allows for the paint to bleed and saturate as far as you are willing to let it go.  I especially like to add silver and gold pigment either directly into the paint or water it down and then apply as a wash over the entire page. Here I’ve done a combination of all these techniques as well as added Iron Oxide  and pure gouache to the piece.  It’s my favorite Halloween piece so far.  5×7 original.   Prints available soon!

Graveyard spiderweb

This is another Halloween inspired piece I’ve done recently.  It was a bit of an experiment and I had an idea going in, which usually is not the case.  I often just get out the supplies and start within nothing in mind and see what comes out of it.

Based on my inspiration from the Orb Weavers that I refer to in a previous blog, I wanted to see what would happen if I had little windows looking deeper and deeper into the painting, each revealing another web.   Lots happened here, initially I painted it vertically, but then once finished I liked it horizontal so that the trees were in the foreground rather than just being limbs coming in from the side.  I used silver acrylic to bring the main web forward and accentuate the lines of the trees.   7×11 original.  Prints available soon.

spiral with trees