Happy New Year to ALL!

I must say that I am happy to see that 2010 is here and the Holidays are over.  Christmas left me feeling less than creative this year. The usual ornament and greeting card frenzy that you would have found me in from September through most of December for the last, oh I don’t know, ten years just didn’t quite happen in 2009. With that said, I’ve cleaned house and I’m tossing (well, donating) some fifty or so ornaments that have not sold in the last year or two.  It’s a good feeling and a clean slate for a new decade!

My artistic juices seem to have come back to me with this new year.  Valentine’s Day has already proved to be a holiday for which I will have some new items on display.  Paper crafts still dominate as the primary media for most of my projects, along with a new found love for glitter of all colors, shapes and varieties and flocking medium.  FLOCKING MEDIUM!  Have you seen this stuff!  It’s a sickness, but I am absolutely enamored with this stuff!

Below you will find my most recent works of St. Valentine’s Day inspired creations.

Much more to come very soon.  Stay tuned for more red and pink sparkled and flocked LOVE!