Celebrating Tatas Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

I almost forgot.  It’s been some time since I last updated my blog and in the mean time I have something funny that came about that I must share!  A friend of mine had breast reduction surgery and we threw her a party to celebrate.  Being the baker that I am, I had to devise some kind of boob cake for the party.  Here is what I came up with.  Mini “boob” cupcakes along with regular sized cupcakes adorned with everyone’s initial and their own “set”.  Needless to say, they where a crack up and made for some funny conversation that evening.


Pink & Black Baby Shower Cake Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

As hard as I tried to make a baby themed cake, it just wasn’t working for me the way I had planned.  The result…polka-dots and flowers.  I think this works though…it’s girly enough for a baby shower.

Music Cake Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

Made for a friend of my mom who recently had a birthday.  This lady has a love for karaoke and as such I was tasked with putting together a musically inspired cake.  Here are the results…

This cake is entirely made of fondant, no modeling chocolate or gum paste yet (though I’m thinking the rose may have turned out better had it been made of gum paste. We’ll try next time!

First Fondant Experiment: Lady Bug Cake Sunday, Oct 3 2010 

After several years of oohing and ahhing at the fantastic things chefs where doing with fondant covered cakes, I finally took the plunge!  Here it is, basically step by step, my first fondant endeavor…………

First the cake….a 3″ and a 5″ round –  both 3″ high.  This is red velvet, one of my all time favorites!

The smaller round was cut to fit onto the larger round, forming the lady bugs head.

Now for the dirty ice, also known as crumb coat.  Sloppy vanilla butter cream piped on the cake. This layer serves to not only pad the fondant, but to keep crumbs of cake from interfering with decorating.

It’s important to smooth the icing as evenly as possible. A smooth layer of buttercream “padding” serves to allow the fondant to drape easily and evenly over the cake.

I began with basic white fondant.  Since this was my first try with the stuff, I decided to color it myself.  Pre colored fondant can be purchased and would have been fine, but I wanted to give it a try.  It was like playing clay and other than the fact that my nail beds are permanently stained from the paste icing color, it was pretty simple.  The picture above is the first coat of fondant for the lady bug’s head – colored black.

And for mixing the color into the fondant, as referenced above.  Fun messy, gooey fun!

The layers of fondant are done and ready for decorating.  This was actually easier than I thought it would be.  The fondant rolls our easily and other than the fact that it may have been a tiny bit hot in my kitchen for it, it came out pretty damn even for a first try.


All the details in the cake are fondant decorations.  Cut with cookie cutters and hand shaped they where simple.  Royal Icing provides the “glue” to make them stay.  The antennae are dusted with silver Luster Dust (edible metallic magic).

And we’re complete!  Lady Bug done!