My father has always been involved in photography, as has my aunt and uncle. When I married  I entered into yet another family of photographers.  Both my husband’s father and step father are photographers. I’ve always owned a camera of one sort or another as far back as I can remember and I have always been a trusty picture taker, annoying my husband and my mom – neither of whom like to have their pictures taken.  Even with an art degree, photography never struck me as the thing to do.  It was too “technical” for me, I preferred the pen or brush to paper and more rudimentary forms of art as my creative outlet.

But alas I’ve arrived at the ripe middle age of 35 and find myself more and more interested in photography and the amazing things that one can do with photo enhancing software.  There is a little more of an ease to the process, at least that’s the way I see it, now that we are in the digital age.  No need for a dark room, smelly chemicals, roll upon roll of film and the hope that you got that perfect picture (but you wouldn’t know until it was developed, and too late).  There was something to the basic camera though, wasn’t there? I’m talking the little point and shoot, non-professional cameras.  Oh I so fondly remember high school and college events, taking my roll of 36 photos, then running the film to the local hour photo store , then hurrying back to pick them up and see what I had captured.

So thanks in part to the generosity of my in-laws I am the proud owner of a Nikon DLSR. It’s not the high end pro variety, but it has most everything including interchangeable lenses, the ability to shoot RAW and contains a complete menu with manual function. In addition to this camera that has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with at this point, I’m working with Photoshop Elements to enhance the photos and put a bit more of a creative edge on things.  It’s a step in a new direction for me, but one that I believe will result in a completely new outlook on my artistic talents.

One of the very first photos shot with the new camera.

Ornamental rocks in my in-laws atrium.  I’ll call this one….

Rockin’ the Dream!