Enter Barclay.

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay

Long Haired Mutt Cat at Age 6

Killer of Mice, Rats and other Miscellaneous Vermin

Trusty Side Kick to Lieutenant Tuvok, Security Officer

(Tuvok is the resident German Shepherd and he will be pictured in future postings)

Quiz: Where do the names of our pets come from?

This is Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.  He’s known by other aliases such as Barcles, Bac Bacanakel, Del, Del Boca Vista, DB….there are probably more. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a complex.  Usually we just say “DEL!”, because he’s always meowing, talking and it sounds like he’s saying “WELL!”

We Love Barclay.  He’s quite photogenic when he sits still. Such a lovely long haired coat of black.  This particular day he was lounging with most of his body inside a Nordstrom bag.  The sun was shining in through the living room window and hitting his face perfectly.

Enter the camera.

I took several shots, many fuzzy.  Fuzzy because you know, in manual mode, one most hold completely still when dealing with inadequate light.  You can also use a tripod but considering that Barclay’s head was flat against the floor, I simply placed the camera on the ground and smooshed myself onto the floor as well. Not only the camera needs to be still however, the  subject does too.  Barclay managed to stay still with eyes focused on me or the camera lense for a few good photos.

Most of the originals turned out pretty blue so I used photoshop elements to enhance the colors to a more Barclay specific hue.  I may have accidentally still had the camera on the incandescent light mode from some interior night shots I’d taken the day before, causing a sort of blue tinge.  At any rate, as you can see from the photo, easily fixed.

The clarity of the photo amazes me – how you can see the dander under Barclay’s eyes.  The focus was in the wrong place though.  I think an eye would have been a better choice than the middle of the nose. Whatever though, who cares.  I love this photo, it’s probably my favorite photo of Barclay.

Quiz answer: Star Trek Voyager/Star Trek The Next Generation