Lieutenant Tuvok


As promised in previous post, this is Lieutenant Tuvok, Security Officer.  Loyal companion, socially inept, can be quite scary.  If you’re a dude visiting the house, he probably won’t like you and he definitely won’t like your dog!

Not much was done to this photo.  This was taken on a clear dry day in November right after I got my camera.  We were out raking leaves and dealing with limbs from a tree that fell during a wind storm.  Tuvok decided  too many sticks were going into the yard debris bin, so he rescued a few.  It was a fun afternoon for him and at age 11, he was pretty stiff the next day.

All I did with this photo was brighten up things a tiny bit and add a vignette around the edge.  I really like the vignette function, really like it!  Like it so much I’m starting to try it on every photo I edit, not a good idea.  Note to self, every photo will not need a vignette, don’t get carried away!

Speaking of Tuvok, he’s looking at me wondering when I’m going to get out of the office and come relax with him…so I’m off!