Never did see the sun today, thank you weather man for once again incorrectly forecasting the weather. It was a dry day but a very chilly one.  High of 45, mmm toasty!

Hubby has decided to start using my old camera, a Nikon P5100.  I’m sure it’s been a little boring for him following me around while I take pictures of everything.  So now he has something to do.  The P5100 has manual functions and the ability to add a couple of different specialized lenses, so he can get pretty involved in that camera.

We layered on the clothes and headed out, tripod and cameras in hand.  It was fun and we got some great shots.  I’m still trying to get feeling back in my fingertips from the cold though.

At this point I’ve made the complete switch to the manual mode of the camera. No more auto help in any way.  I’m setting everything. Because I’m very new at this, manual mode is helping me really learn what the heck I’m doing with this machine.  I’m finally realizing that a lower number = slower shutter speed = more light = but you better hold the damn camera really still or use the tripod.  Some of the functions are becoming almost automatic for me and it surprises me that I’m learning this as fast as I am.  Must be in my blood.

I’m not enhancing any of these photos, they are straight from the camera.