The sun has been out the last couple days and I had the opportunity to get out at lunch time and get a few shots.  It was pretty foggy most of the morning but the sun finally started to break through.  Interesting challenge, fog…it’s dark out but it’s bright out….a quandary.  I took many photos of the same thing trying to get the right light.

The Hawthorne Bridge


Moss Growing on City Hall

One of many interesting details that can be found when really looking closely at things downtown.

Iron fencing surrounding the park area between 3rd and 4th Ave.  Is there a name for those parks?  It’s not the park blocks, what is it really?  I dig the nobby details on this fence post, which I assume is probably pretty old.

It was a fun, quick and chilly half an hour I spent out and about with Rita at lunch this Wednesday.  Of course today it was an amazingly beautiful day, the mountain was glowing and of course…I didn’t have the camera.

Oh well, something for another day.