We love South East Portland!  Where else can you find killer local coffee (thank you Stumptown), vibrant architecture, Volkswagens young and old everywhere and people that just really could care less what the world thinks of them, all in one place?

It was a morning without rain so we headed across town for some Stumptown, camera in tow, and it was a day to play with the 55-200 lens. We spent some time on Belmont for coffee and then headed to Division for lunch.  Pok Pok – mmmmm!  Good eats at Pok Pok, spicy but good!

Some weathered and moldy old painted iron fencing that surrounds an old mechanics shop. I’m digging the contrast and fuzz of the background.

Stumptown Coffee…Best on the Planet!

This is a shot of the emblem that adorns their espresso maker.  I altered it quite a bit with Photoshop.

A cool building that’s right down the block from Stumptown.  The place is decorated with old VW lights and an interesting paint job.

This too has been doctored by photoshop.