Ashland, Oregon…one of my favorite places to visit.  On Wednesday we left Portland and headed south for a 5 day food and wine adventure.  Southern Oregon has some of the best wines around! Big reds, sweet desserts, smooth ports…after having visited nearly 30 wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms between Sutherlin and Ashland I can’t say I’ve had a bad wine. 

Last night began the initial reason for the trip – the Oregon Chocolate Festival.  We attended a Chocolate Makers Dinner at the Ashland Springs Hotel.  A delightful 4 course meal where each dish contained chocolate of some kind.  It was quite filling, in fact my dessert is still sitting in the mini refrigerator here in the hotel room waiting for me to sample.  I couldn’t put one more bite in my mouth by the time it arrived as the 4th course. 

Today we’re off to the festival itself.  A ballroom filled with over 40 local chocolate vendors complete with samples galore and yummies to purchase. 

As with everywhere I’ve been since leaving Portland Wednesday, I’ve had my camera in hand each step of the way.  From wineries to livestock, landscapes to meals, pioneer cemeteries and  architecture…I’ve taken photos of everything which I’ll post when I get home.  Stay tuned!