As promised in my last entry, photos from Southern Oregon.  I’m still sifting through the 500 some photos I took between Roseburg, Ashland, Applegate, Medford and so on.  It’s going to take me some time to get everything posted that I like and think is worthy of sharing, plus I am still in the process of making edits to some photos.  I am happy to say that the majority of pictures I took turned out well and don’t need editing!  This is a major accomplishment considering I took 99.9% of the photos on manual mode.

So here we go.  Southern Oregon Round 1…

Reustle Winery – Prayer Rock Vineyard in Sutherlin, Oregon

These guys have a Wine Cave that you’re seeing a small section of above.  The Cave was designed by the same guy who did Indiana Jones, apparently he’s a Sutherlin native.  A very cool place, literally.  Dark, cold barrel cellar with rooms etched out of stone fully equipped with ornate marble work, tables and chairs for tasting the wine.  They serve each wine with a food pairing from their kitchen, it’s quite an experience.  This was the first winery stop on our trip.


One of ornate chandeliers at Reustle Winery.

Baaaahhhhhh!  There was entire field of these little guys along with their parents.  Too cute!

I just hope they’re sheering them and not butchering them. At this point though, they all look very happy and free on a very large open range.



In Applegate we ran into this character and he was hilarious!  He’d ended up on the wrong side of the fence.  He was just hanging out on the side of the road snacking on grass and looking through the fence at his buddies wondering how to get back.  I assume at some point he probably jumped back in…but we pulled over and he was content to pose for a few photos. He’s even smiling!


Jacksonville, Oregon.  One of the many old buildings that remains unchanged.


On our way up to the Jacksonville Cemetery, where I took several photos of the pioneer grave stones and iron work,we ran into a pack of deer.

This is one of the things I love about Southern Oregon.

Noble Coffee!

Probably the best coffee that exists!

If you get to Ashland be sure to visit.

Obviously this photo has been edited to spruce it up a bit.

Old Coca Cola signage on the brick wall outside the Peerless Hotel in Ashland.  I’m not sure it’s original as I don’t recall seeing it when I lived in Ashland over 10 years ago.  This photo was edited to bring some life back into the paint, it is pretty washed out in reality.

Troon Vineyards in Applegate.

A beautiful place, probably the most beautiful winery we visited outside of Sutherlin. Here we’re looking at their back seating area that look out onto their back vineyard.  The sun had just started to peek through the clouds and it ended up being a pretty nice day.

The fountain at Troon Vineyards.

I edited this photo to give it some life, changed the color and saturation.

Troon Vineyards

The view speaks for itself!

I look forward to going back here in the summer when the leaves are on the vines.


This is my self-made anti-veal advertisement.

Are you a meat eater? Like Veal?

Next time you’re gnawing on a tasty piece of veal, think of this guy.

Who could eat a face like that?

Overlooking Ashland Creek at Lithia Park

Plants in Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

This is one of the strangest plants I’ve ever seen. Tiny branches covered with these tiny red flowers with long yellow pedals??

Very cool!

Brick wall outside Chataulin Cafe in Ashland, Oregon

View of the gazebo and hills of Applegate at the Valley View Winery.