Saturday at Sokol Blosser Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

A dry day in Dundee on Saturday when we went to pick up our wine club shipment.  Spring has sprung in the northwest in spite of the weather. Cats chasing mice, daffodils blooming and the vines are just starting to show their new leaves.


Boutiques Unleashed – Dove Lewis Benefit Wednesday, Apr 6 2011 

This is my next dog (only in black),  I love the french bull dogs!

What a cutie in his Star Wars T-shirt!

Yes that is a cat in a dress and on a leash!


This poor dog.  I mean, really a dog bikini?


The outfit of the evening.  Had they auctioned this off I would have bought it for Tuvok!  Awesome studded leather vest on this doggie!


Boutiques Unleashed is a Dove Lewis benefit showcasing “fashion at for both ends of the leash.”  This was my second year in attendance.  It is a great event benefiting Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital.