The Hawk Friday, May 13 2011 

While wondering through a local cemetery a few weeks ago we were greeted by this guy. It’s difficult to see in this version of the photo, but he’s got a little grey mouse under his left talon. Lunch!


Before & After Friday, May 13 2011 

From a grave stone.



Had lots of fun in photoshop with this one!

Brent takes on the D1X Friday, May 13 2011 

Brent inherited a Nikon D1X, also known as Big Lips, a few weeks ago.  He’s been experimenting with it quite a bit.

This shot of the bamboo in our back yard was taken through binoculars.  An interesting effect.

Always time for a good VW shot. Here we are in the old Catholic Cemetery.

King of the Jungle Friday, May 13 2011 

Barclay, King of the Jungle

After birds, bad kitty! However, quite the photogenic cat.

Sunny Clear Day in the Pacific NW! Friday, May 6 2011 

There she is in all her smoggy glory!  Mt. Hood!

A view from the Rose Garden on May 1, 2011

Japanese Gardens – finally some photos! Friday, May 6 2011