Tons of VW’s to come! Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

Stay tuned for photos from the Leavenworth Drive that Brent and I participated in last weekend.  Quite an amazing event! Cars along with scenic photos of Leavenworth and Chelan, Washington as well as Hood River, Oregon are on their way by the end of the week.  I promise!

Someone caught us in action driving by while on the Drive!


A Day of Solitude in Oregon Wine Country Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

It was June 4th and I had the entire day to myself!  This is rare.  Not that I don’t love spending time with my husband and the kids, but one needs to be alone every now and then.  Brent had to work all day and though a friend was supposed to come with me, she ended up having to work as well.  So there I was, all alone…what to do?

So I hit the open road in my trusty little VW, camera in hand with no plan really, other than just to drink a little wine and take some photos.  The sun was out and blazing for the first time this spring and I was prepared to take full advantage of it!  I drove through Newberg and out toward Carlton pulling off on the side of the road when I could get a safe chance to snap a few scenic shots.  Then into Carlton and straight to Cana’s Feast where we happen to be members so I know I can get not only a free tasting of several wines, but good wines and great service.  As I pulled up I noticed the parking lot was basically empty.  On such a gorgeous day where was everybody?  It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that I was not only wine tasting and taking photos here, I was staying for a lunch on the plaza!

It truly turned out to be an amazing day. I was so rested and energized, not to mention sun burnt, when I got home.  Lunch was incredible, which you’ll see by the photos.  The Lupine flowers were blooming amazing shades of deep purple and fuscia. I took about 40 photos while just sitting in the courtyard eating lunch and brought home a lovely bottle of Barbara. There will be another day like this in the near future I hope!

Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

That’s right folks, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah!

Interesting place, to say the least.  It’s pretty there, with everything seeming super clean, neat and tidy.  My reason for visiting was business, but we had a chauffeur (thanks Craig) and some extra time so  our first stop: The Mormon Temple.  Somewhat of a fortress that seemed to span blocks in the middle of  town.  I felt as though I was under a bit of pressure (being followed and all) so my photo ops felt rather rushed.  I also hadn’t taken the D3100, so  these photos were taken with my older point and shoot Nikon P5100, however I was trying to use the manual settings.  A couple of these are obviously photoshopped!


Spring has Finally Sprung! Sunday, Jun 12 2011 

The Pacific NW is about a month behind on the growing season this year.  It’s been unseasonably cold and wet, however, things are looking up!  We’ve had a hand full of really nice days, things seem to be warming up to normal temps and blossoms are beginning to appear.

The yard is lush, everything is growing like mad due to all the water we’ve had, so if things dry out and stay somewhat warm, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bumper crop of flowers!!  Yeah!

Here are just a few examples of items in bloom already….

The state of the bees on the planet seriously concerns me so I continue to plant bee friendly flowers and I’m happy to see that the Bumbles are here in droves savoring the sweet nectar of my plants.

And last but certainly not least, the spiders!  The little one’s have arrived, in droves I might add, and they’re taking over the garden!

Amazing little creatures, these spiders.  They cluster in a tiny ball on their web, what looks to be hundreds of them and then they awake and scatter looking for food.  I witnessed them trap a number of ants on the chive blossoms the other day, didn’t capture that with the camera but it was quite a sight.  I look forward to many giant Orb Weaver webs this fall.

Here they are scattering on the pineapple sage.