The Pacific NW is about a month behind on the growing season this year.  It’s been unseasonably cold and wet, however, things are looking up!  We’ve had a hand full of really nice days, things seem to be warming up to normal temps and blossoms are beginning to appear.

The yard is lush, everything is growing like mad due to all the water we’ve had, so if things dry out and stay somewhat warm, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bumper crop of flowers!!  Yeah!

Here are just a few examples of items in bloom already….

The state of the bees on the planet seriously concerns me so I continue to plant bee friendly flowers and I’m happy to see that the Bumbles are here in droves savoring the sweet nectar of my plants.

And last but certainly not least, the spiders!  The little one’s have arrived, in droves I might add, and they’re taking over the garden!

Amazing little creatures, these spiders.  They cluster in a tiny ball on their web, what looks to be hundreds of them and then they awake and scatter looking for food.  I witnessed them trap a number of ants on the chive blossoms the other day, didn’t capture that with the camera but it was quite a sight.  I look forward to many giant Orb Weaver webs this fall.

Here they are scattering on the pineapple sage.