It was June 4th and I had the entire day to myself!  This is rare.  Not that I don’t love spending time with my husband and the kids, but one needs to be alone every now and then.  Brent had to work all day and though a friend was supposed to come with me, she ended up having to work as well.  So there I was, all alone…what to do?

So I hit the open road in my trusty little VW, camera in hand with no plan really, other than just to drink a little wine and take some photos.  The sun was out and blazing for the first time this spring and I was prepared to take full advantage of it!  I drove through Newberg and out toward Carlton pulling off on the side of the road when I could get a safe chance to snap a few scenic shots.  Then into Carlton and straight to Cana’s Feast where we happen to be members so I know I can get not only a free tasting of several wines, but good wines and great service.  As I pulled up I noticed the parking lot was basically empty.  On such a gorgeous day where was everybody?  It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that I was not only wine tasting and taking photos here, I was staying for a lunch on the plaza!

It truly turned out to be an amazing day. I was so rested and energized, not to mention sun burnt, when I got home.  Lunch was incredible, which you’ll see by the photos.  The Lupine flowers were blooming amazing shades of deep purple and fuscia. I took about 40 photos while just sitting in the courtyard eating lunch and brought home a lovely bottle of Barbara. There will be another day like this in the near future I hope!