After the novelty of the Leavenworth Drive wore off, we found our way to Lake Chelan, Washington.  A beautiful place with some amazing wineries.

Though I had several wineries marked on the map to visit in the few hours we had in Chelan, we only made it to two before we got hungry and needed to get on the road to Hood River.

Our first stop was Tildio Winery.  Tildo is a small winery that makes a perfect Malbec.  In fact, this is the winery that I visited back in 2007 which introduced me to Malbec and started a love affair with that wine.

This says it all…

The second and last vineyard we visited was Benson.  A beautiful Tuscan style winery that offers FREE flights of 5 wines. Yes, folks FREE. I neglected to get any decent photos of the building itself, but as you can see below the rolling hills of grape vines seem to flow off the hillside and right into the lake.


And we’re off….bye bye Chelan, hello long road to Hood River where we’ll stay for the night.

First item of note is the Fred Redmon Memorial Bridge. Only one word can describe this massive bridge and the area where the “historical marker” rests – WIND TUNNEL!

Between getting the car across the bridge while fighting the wind, to getting out of the car and feeling like you were going to be blown right over the edge, it was pretty scary.

And of course, the windmills.  Massively monstrous pillars with long, and what look to be sharp blades, standing in formation like soldiers across the wide open spaces that are “middle” Washington State.

The mighty Columbia River at dusk.  A view from the Stonehenge Memorial on the Washington side of the river.


The fields of lavender in Hood River should be in full bloom in June, however thanks to this year’s cold and wet spring they were a little behind.  That’s Mt. Hood in the background, still covered in plenty of snow.

And on the drive home we decided to go around the mountain for a more entertaining drive than I84.  It was a beautiful day.