Okay, so 2011 is over in a matter of hours at this point and I’m looking back (never a good idea) and noticing that I was a little lazy with the blogging this year!

New Years resolutions are over rated and almost always fail, so I refuse to make a committment to more blogging as a “resolution”.  Let’s say it’s a goal for the year…blog! Blog more, Blog hard, Blog long……….just Blog already! Should I say once a month?  Maybe. That’s a good goal.  Twelve times in a year?  How hard can that be, really?

What will I blog, you ask? Again with a goal here … photography is the focus!  I’d like to spend a lot more time in Elements learning more about editing photos in the ‘full edit’ mode.  So, hopefully what you’ll see here once a month is a blog of photos.  I can’t guarantee they’ll be recent photos, but they’ll be photos that I’ve taken with my D3100.  I’ve still got hundreds of photos from Napa, Southern Oregon, Chicago, Arizona, Leavenworth that need playing with and blogging about!

So there ya be…

Cheers to you seeing more of me, here, in the new year!