I promised that I would follow up with more photos of Napa Valley, so her we go.


The name comes from an old Native American tail of a stag that escapes hunters by leaping across cliffs that are near the winery.


A 1892 stone Manor House with beautiful gardens containing old massive palms.  It holds legends of bootleggers and gangsters, while having an historic speak easy in the basement.  In the 1920’s it was called Stag Leap Manor, a popular country retreat in Napa.  It was also a navy camp before being abandoned in 1953.

There is much history at this winery and it was certainly one of the most interesting to visit and tour. The winery itself began most recently, in the 1970s, founded by Horace Chase who’s motto was Ne Cede Malis a latin phrase for “Don’t give into misfortune.”