It’s been coined Daryl Sattui’s Tuscan Wonderland. This massive, medieval castle of Napa opened in 2007 and is right off of the St. Helena Highway in Calistoga.  If you ever happen to find yourself in the Napa Valley, this is not to be missed!  We booked an advanced reservation for a tour and tasting and let me tell you, the place is amazing and the wine is delicious!  The walking tour takes about an hour, followed by another good hour of wine tasting.

Pictures just don’t do this place any justice in my opinion.  Honestly, when you arrive and enter the gates, you can’t believe your eyes.  Turrets and massive stone walls, hand forged iron work – it feels like the real deal!  A reported $30 million and 14 years went into creating this 121,000 square feet of Tuscan delight. The castle has four stories above ground and another four stories hidden in the ground underneath. With a dry mote, drawbridge,  iron gates, 107 rooms, a chapel where Latin Mass is held every Sunday, wine caves, a grand ballroom, armory, and dungeon complete with torture chamber including an original iron maiden…you really can’t believe your eyes.  While on our tour, the guide explained that every piece of iron work, down to the nails, were hand forged in Italy.


On our way underground, to the wine caves and dungeon.

I’ve decided to join this wine club because I’ll be back to Napa again this summer and there is a good chance I’ll return again and again throughout my life.  With that, Castello di Amorosa’s superb italian-style wines, my husbands interst in medieval history, the amazing looking parties they hold that I want to attend at some point (the halloween Pegan Ball for example) and the dicounts you get with the membership…well why not!?!?!

Do check out their website, read the history of Daryl Sattui’s vision, passion and dream.  It’s pretty impressive.