Winter. Comfort Food. Blah Weather. One month post New Years Resolution.

‘Tis time for a little break!

The Recipe Overload Project is well underway and has gone great thus far! I am loving the experimentation and Brent is loving the food. I myself appear to be loving the food a little too much as well. Reality check time…feeling tired, bloated, blah, full, fat, ugh….must stop the madness.

Never fear though my com padres.  I’ll be pulling away from the desserts, fat laden dinners and sugary/bready breakfasts for a little bit and concentrating on some more healthier items.  I really don’t have a healthy recipe notebook, probably should, but I have plenty of books and my own brain that I can pull recipes from that are mighty good for us.

I’ve got one more heavy duty recipe that I’ll post tomorrow.

Stay tuned and for goodness sake, stay healthy.  Give your own gut a break and lay off the sugar (real or fake) this week.  🙂