Oh the fun of a few gals getting their craft on!  Recently I had some friends over for a card making party, the second card making party I’ve hosted.    This particular event was specific to Valentine’s Day, with all the pinks and reds and hearts and love related stuff that fits the theme…more “stuff” than you can possibly imagine.

If you’ve looked deep within the confines of this blog you are well aware that I have an extensive paper crafting past.  And, because I really don’t make too many cards anymore, like I did for years….I have a lot of supplies!  LOTS! So…party on!

This type of party is a great idea for anyone who likes to craft and has a few friends who want to indulge their creative spirit a little.  Even those who are a little intimidated by arts and crafts..they end up having no problem!  Everyone ends up making something cool and has a great time.   A little food, a little wine, good conversation and some serious card making!