Yes, that’s right. I did it!  It was never in my plan to be, or even attempt to be, a “pro” photographer, much less one who photographs weddings.  I’ve had this trusty Nikon D3100 for just over a year and prior to that, I really didn’t know much other than point-and-shoot. While I’ve learned a lot in the past year, I have a loooooooooooong way to go but consider myself very lucky to have both a father and father-in-law who have a great deal of experience with photography and have helped me get to where I am today.

So the story goes…a little over a week ago my friend Kori contacted me asking if I could not only make a small cake for her mother’s wedding but also be the photographer.  The cake – no problem! 6″ cakes and cupcakes are my specialty and I was happy to do it.  However, the thought of being the wedding photographer sent me into a nervous panic.  How would I respond? What would I charge – or would I charge at all?  At first I recommended my father-in-law, because if they were were looking for a pro, he would be the guy for the job and I could play apprentice.  After sitting on the idea for a day or two, while Kori did what she could to boost my esteem with her confidence that I would do a great job, I finally agreed.  Then I ran out and picked up an SS-400 flash, figuring I was going to need it and had been wanting one for a while anyway so this was a great excuse! Thanks Kori!

The wedding was on Monday at 3:00, a somewhat casual in-home wedding with about 15 guests.  I arrived at 1:15, after having stopped by my in-laws to borrow a strobe and get a quick tutorial from the pro.  I promptly set up the cake and started in on what would be roughly 5 hours of picture taking. Nearly 700 photos were taken that day!  On the drive home I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, complete exhaustion.  While I never felt stressed during the event, obviously the day had taken its tole.  Of the photos, only about 150 of them were too dark or too blurry to keep, not bad!  Another 200 went into a “2nds” folder so that the family can have everything, just in case there is something in there that might mean something to them. Of the remaining photos, the majority went into Photoshop for editing, cropping, converting to black and white, etc.

As of this morning, I am done editing everything with the exception the group shots. There are about 10 of them.  Now that I see them, I realize I WAS exhausted by 5:00 and I think that my brain might not have been aligned with my eyes. I could have done a much better job organizing people. A few people are squished behind others so you can barely see their faces but I think, all in all, there may be one or two shots of the group that aren’t bad.

I want to personally thank Kori & Dan for having confidence enough in my skills to hire me, Karla and Herb for their trust in allowing me the opportunity and pleasure of photographing their wedding, and to all their family and the minister for putting up with the constant flashing camera in their faces all day!