May 19 was the day of the annual American Heart Association Heart Walk in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.  My company was a sponsor of the event and over 400 employees participated.

There was a contest held to gather artwork ideas for the T-shirt that our employees would wear during the walk.  Two days before the deadline, I was notified of the contest by a coworker.  I must admit that I don’t keep track of many things other than those that immediately apply to my position at work…so this contest almost passed me by.  But alas, my coworker knew I was the person for the job!  Thanks Marva! With my illustration skills I knew I could come up with something cool and immediately had ideas for a design.

That night I set to it, sketching an idea.  The contest specifications dictated only 2 colors, 10×16 artwork and the American Heart Association logo would be incorporated somewhere into the artwork.  I dug out the old Canson drawing pad, my colored pencils and by the end of the evening had a draft.  The draft needed some changes.  The next evening I made the changes and was out of time…  this is what I turned in, hard copy, at the last minute on the due date for the contest.


Time passed by and the contest announcement date passed and I didn’t hear anything.  I just figured  that I must not have won. No big deal really.  There was no “prize” for the contest, it was a great excuse to draw and a good exercise in creativity.

But then I found out that they were just behind schedule and I was a finalist.  More time passed and I received word that my artwork had been chosen as the inspiration for the design.  They didn’t use it exactly as drawn.  Honestly, I can understand why. It’s very busy and I don’t know, maybe a bit “bad ass” or “tattoo like” for the company to put on a T-shir?  At any rate, a woman named Jessica in our Creative Services department created a wonderful design using my artwork as the inspiration.


The shirts turned out great!