Heart Walk T-Shirt Design Saturday, Jun 9 2012 

May 19 was the day of the annual American Heart Association Heart Walk in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.  My company was a sponsor of the event and over 400 employees participated.

There was a contest held to gather artwork ideas for the T-shirt that our employees would wear during the walk.  Two days before the deadline, I was notified of the contest by a coworker.  I must admit that I don’t keep track of many things other than those that immediately apply to my position at work…so this contest almost passed me by.  But alas, my coworker knew I was the person for the job!  Thanks Marva! With my illustration skills I knew I could come up with something cool and immediately had ideas for a design.

That night I set to it, sketching an idea.  The contest specifications dictated only 2 colors, 10×16 artwork and the American Heart Association logo would be incorporated somewhere into the artwork.  I dug out the old Canson drawing pad, my colored pencils and by the end of the evening had a draft.  The draft needed some changes.  The next evening I made the changes and was out of time…  this is what I turned in, hard copy, at the last minute on the due date for the contest.


Time passed by and the contest announcement date passed and I didn’t hear anything.  I just figured  that I must not have won. No big deal really.  There was no “prize” for the contest, it was a great excuse to draw and a good exercise in creativity.

But then I found out that they were just behind schedule and I was a finalist.  More time passed and I received word that my artwork had been chosen as the inspiration for the design.  They didn’t use it exactly as drawn.  Honestly, I can understand why. It’s very busy and I don’t know, maybe a bit “bad ass” or “tattoo like” for the company to put on a T-shir?  At any rate, a woman named Jessica in our Creative Services department created a wonderful design using my artwork as the inspiration.


The shirts turned out great!


Designing Little Miss Bee Sunday, Apr 22 2012 

Designed for my Aunt Pam…this sassy little bee represents her daughter, Lauren. Pam called Lauren “Bee” when she was a child.

The concept came about after a conversation that my aunt and I had about a week ago.  She recently got a tattoo of a gardenia and wants another something to represent Lauren by the flower.  We discussed visions of whimsical bees in dresses wearing little patent leather shoes.   After a few renditions and input from both Pam and Lauren, I think we have a winner.

Here is the progression of the design of Little Miss Bee….  a fun drawing adventure!


And here she is, the final product.  Now Pam just needs to find a tattoo artist that can do this level of detail in a tiny version and it’s good to go!



Crazy Crafty Valentine Card Making Party Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 

Oh the fun of a few gals getting their craft on!  Recently I had some friends over for a card making party, the second card making party I’ve hosted.    This particular event was specific to Valentine’s Day, with all the pinks and reds and hearts and love related stuff that fits the theme…more “stuff” than you can possibly imagine.

If you’ve looked deep within the confines of this blog you are well aware that I have an extensive paper crafting past.  And, because I really don’t make too many cards anymore, like I did for years….I have a lot of supplies!  LOTS! So…party on!

This type of party is a great idea for anyone who likes to craft and has a few friends who want to indulge their creative spirit a little.  Even those who are a little intimidated by arts and crafts..they end up having no problem!  Everyone ends up making something cool and has a great time.   A little food, a little wine, good conversation and some serious card making!

Love Thy Mother Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

Mother’s Day is coming all too quickly.  Demands for Mom cards are streaming in left and right.  Here are a few from last years stash along with some new for this year.  Excuse the reflection, didn’t photo before packaging.


Valentine Cards Sunday, Jan 24 2010 

Saturday evening brought a tiny bit of creativity in the form of more Valentine cards.  I’m still fighting with myself to really get going with some full fledged art, but for now this will have to do.

Cupid Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Isn’t he a cutie?  Would you just love for him to be hanging in your home this Valentine’s Day?

A bit of an experiment here.  A little baby boy cupid on a cloud.  Made of paper and glitter with a wire hanger. He stands 11 inches tall and 12 inches at the widest point. From the top of the hanger to bottom of the cloud he stands about 17 inches.

The imagination is starting to wake up, I can see that now.  This project is very different from anything I’ve done before, believe me.

The winged heart.  Black paper wings adorned with gold script, the heart clad in smoky quartz glitter.  A heavy gold toned wire hanger attaches to the heart through two large ruby colored beads.  7 inches long 13 inch wing span.

Happy New Year! Christmas is over, now lets make way for St. Valentine! Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Happy New Year to ALL!

I must say that I am happy to see that 2010 is here and the Holidays are over.  Christmas left me feeling less than creative this year. The usual ornament and greeting card frenzy that you would have found me in from September through most of December for the last, oh I don’t know, ten years just didn’t quite happen in 2009. With that said, I’ve cleaned house and I’m tossing (well, donating) some fifty or so ornaments that have not sold in the last year or two.  It’s a good feeling and a clean slate for a new decade!

My artistic juices seem to have come back to me with this new year.  Valentine’s Day has already proved to be a holiday for which I will have some new items on display.  Paper crafts still dominate as the primary media for most of my projects, along with a new found love for glitter of all colors, shapes and varieties and flocking medium.  FLOCKING MEDIUM!  Have you seen this stuff!  It’s a sickness, but I am absolutely enamored with this stuff!

Below you will find my most recent works of St. Valentine’s Day inspired creations.

Much more to come very soon.  Stay tuned for more red and pink sparkled and flocked LOVE!

Collage Monday, Nov 16 2009 

french collage French themed collage. 5×7 mixed media

Collage!  Not something I’ve done much of in the past but this has been fun.  I have so much paper and so many little findings that these seem to be coming naturally to me now.  Soon to be for sale at Found on Fremont!

holiday collage Holiday theme collage, 5×7 mixed media

Watercolor Paintings Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

Mixed media indicates the painting is a watercolor piece and could contain any of the following: Gouache, acrylic, glitter and/or ink.

These are photos of original painting, as they have not yet been scanned.  Scanned prints will be available soon.

bright multicolor watercolor

Untitled; 2007

Mixed Media



Watercolor Dark Tree

Dark Hollow; 2007

Mixed Media



multicolor swirl watercolor

Untitled; 2007


4 x 8.5


purple yellow watercolor

Untitled; 2008


3 x 7



Untitled; 2007

Mixed Media

8 x 13



Untitled; 2009

Mixed Media

8 x 10


maroon green

Untitled; 2009


8 x 10


jelly fish watercolor

Jellyfish; 2007


6.25 x 10.5


Reminiscing of the Watercolors of My Past! Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

branch watercolor Autumn always seems to find me thinking of watercolor painting.    Perhaps it’s all the rain that we get here in the Pacific Northwest?  Maybe it’s the changing leaves falling from the trees with their various colors all seeming to melt together in a warm red, orange, brown and yellow conglomeration.

Today I’m drawn back to paintings of my recent past for inspiration.  My style and theme seems to change often, though there is always that underlying abstract “oozingness” (I realize that’s not a word, but how better do I describe it?) where the paint and water come together to form soft globule-like areas of contrast.

The picture above was an autumn inspiration from 2007.  A roughly 11×14 cold press piece that incorporates watercolor and gouache.  In this particular piece I tore away layers of the paper in small areas in an effort to provide more texture.  This is one of my all time favorite pieces, which remains nameless other than a brief passing thought of “Moonlight on Dead Branch”.

My cousin and her husband recently chose to receive this as my wedding gift to them.  I miss this one, but know that it is in good hands.

red grey watercolor This red and gray glory now lives in my mother’s bathroom.  The 1950’s gray and wine colored tile that covers the floor, counter top and majority of the walls provides the perfect environment in which this beauty resides.

This particular piece was painted in the late spring of 2007 and if I remember correctly it was one of the first warm, dry and sunny weekends we’d had that year.  I set up shop on the patio table, soaking up the sun that wasn’t quite warm enough yet to evaporate the water and dry my paint too fast.

Where the inspiration for this one came, I really don’t know.  I feel it has a bit of an Asian feel with the combination of softness in the background yet hard lines in the foreground. An 8×10 cold press piece, it is an untitled watercolor all the way, no mixed media here.

DSCN4272 Ah, Tattoo!  This mixed media doozy reminded me of fresh ink on a new tattoo, hence the title, Tattoo.  Those who know me are familiar with the fact that I love tattoos.   I get much of my inspiration for drawing from tattoo art and design, but this was my first watercolor piece.  She’s only a 5×7 but the depth of color and vividness worked quite well on this scale.  I think something bigger would have been overwhelming.

A combination of watercolor paint, gouache, ink, acrylic, glitter, alcohol and salt and very little water gives the result you see above.  For most of the foreground I used nearly pure pigment, so the paint was the consistency of a fine balsamic vinegar. The background was a simple wash and the hard black lines are pure black gouache.

This painting sold last year at Vestiges (now Found on Fremont).  Just looking at the photo of this painting makes me want to head to my tattoo artist for some more ink!

purple pink watercolor Pink hasn’t been in my vocabulary since I was a kid but somehow it took over here!  Pink and purple where my favorite colors prior to the age of thirteen.  Everything suddenly went to black in my teens and black is still my color (or lack there of) of choice.  Somewhere deep down the kid in me must have felt a need to express herself and as a result this 5×7 linear, wobbly, sectional piece emerged.

This painting is again a mix of watercolor, gouache, ink, and glitter.  A lot of water and many layers of paint were used to create the depth that is a bit hard to see in the photo, but believe me it was there.   Tiny little baron trees, branches and abstract eyeballs find themselves hidden along the hills within the piece.

Untitled, this painting was auctioned at an event benefiting a woman with cancer.

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