Crazy Crafty Valentine Card Making Party Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 

Oh the fun of a few gals getting their craft on!  Recently I had some friends over for a card making party, the second card making party I’ve hosted.    This particular event was specific to Valentine’s Day, with all the pinks and reds and hearts and love related stuff that fits the theme…more “stuff” than you can possibly imagine.

If you’ve looked deep within the confines of this blog you are well aware that I have an extensive paper crafting past.  And, because I really don’t make too many cards anymore, like I did for years….I have a lot of supplies!  LOTS! So…party on!

This type of party is a great idea for anyone who likes to craft and has a few friends who want to indulge their creative spirit a little.  Even those who are a little intimidated by arts and crafts..they end up having no problem!  Everyone ends up making something cool and has a great time.   A little food, a little wine, good conversation and some serious card making!


Love Thy Mother Wednesday, Apr 28 2010 

Mother’s Day is coming all too quickly.  Demands for Mom cards are streaming in left and right.  Here are a few from last years stash along with some new for this year.  Excuse the reflection, didn’t photo before packaging.


Valentine Cards Sunday, Jan 24 2010 

Saturday evening brought a tiny bit of creativity in the form of more Valentine cards.  I’m still fighting with myself to really get going with some full fledged art, but for now this will have to do.

Cupid Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Isn’t he a cutie?  Would you just love for him to be hanging in your home this Valentine’s Day?

A bit of an experiment here.  A little baby boy cupid on a cloud.  Made of paper and glitter with a wire hanger. He stands 11 inches tall and 12 inches at the widest point. From the top of the hanger to bottom of the cloud he stands about 17 inches.

The imagination is starting to wake up, I can see that now.  This project is very different from anything I’ve done before, believe me.

The winged heart.  Black paper wings adorned with gold script, the heart clad in smoky quartz glitter.  A heavy gold toned wire hanger attaches to the heart through two large ruby colored beads.  7 inches long 13 inch wing span.

Happy New Year! Christmas is over, now lets make way for St. Valentine! Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Happy New Year to ALL!

I must say that I am happy to see that 2010 is here and the Holidays are over.  Christmas left me feeling less than creative this year. The usual ornament and greeting card frenzy that you would have found me in from September through most of December for the last, oh I don’t know, ten years just didn’t quite happen in 2009. With that said, I’ve cleaned house and I’m tossing (well, donating) some fifty or so ornaments that have not sold in the last year or two.  It’s a good feeling and a clean slate for a new decade!

My artistic juices seem to have come back to me with this new year.  Valentine’s Day has already proved to be a holiday for which I will have some new items on display.  Paper crafts still dominate as the primary media for most of my projects, along with a new found love for glitter of all colors, shapes and varieties and flocking medium.  FLOCKING MEDIUM!  Have you seen this stuff!  It’s a sickness, but I am absolutely enamored with this stuff!

Below you will find my most recent works of St. Valentine’s Day inspired creations.

Much more to come very soon.  Stay tuned for more red and pink sparkled and flocked LOVE!

Collage Monday, Nov 16 2009 

french collage French themed collage. 5×7 mixed media

Collage!  Not something I’ve done much of in the past but this has been fun.  I have so much paper and so many little findings that these seem to be coming naturally to me now.  Soon to be for sale at Found on Fremont!

holiday collage Holiday theme collage, 5×7 mixed media