King of the Jungle Friday, May 13 2011 

Barclay, King of the Jungle

After birds, bad kitty! However, quite the photogenic cat.


Boutiques Unleashed – Dove Lewis Benefit Wednesday, Apr 6 2011 

This is my next dog (only in black),  I love the french bull dogs!

What a cutie in his Star Wars T-shirt!

Yes that is a cat in a dress and on a leash!


This poor dog.  I mean, really a dog bikini?


The outfit of the evening.  Had they auctioned this off I would have bought it for Tuvok!  Awesome studded leather vest on this doggie!


Boutiques Unleashed is a Dove Lewis benefit showcasing “fashion at for both ends of the leash.”  This was my second year in attendance.  It is a great event benefiting Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital.


Continuous Catches the Cat Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

It was a day of shooting nearly everything in continuous mode. With dogs and cats, it certainly increases your chances of getting a good shot.  Not only a good shot, but a shot in one of those moments where they are looking pretty funny.  Barclay was in rare form yesterday.  The sunshine increases his mood like it does mine I think. He was outside strutting around with Tuvok in the back yard.  He discovered his cat nip is starting to grow again and had himself a little nibble of kitty hooch.


I think he’s feeling the catnip in the two photos above.


After a second round of cat nip…and I’m certain he’s saying “WELL!” here.


The catnip is still in full effect!

You gotta wonder what’s going through his mind here.

Tuvok Sunday, Jan 23 2011 







The kid was on the move today and we caught him in motion.  Quite the athlete for 11 years old.  Wouldn’t want him chasing after you!



Dogs Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

Spent some time at FIDO today.  Our dog isn’t social enough to attend but thankfully we have friends with dogs who appreciate social hour at the local hang out.  This is Karmin and Paige, my friend Rita’s dogs.  Interestingly enough they are the only two dogs today that I didn’t see running around.  They prefer to sit on the side lines and watch the action in the comfort of someone’s lap.  This was one of the few opportunities to get their photo.

There were many dogs, big and small having a fabulous time running around with each other.  I practiced taking photos, over 200 of them, in the continuous photo mode.  Most of them are too fuzzy to keep but a few are kind of cool.  Here’s one of a bigger dog on the move.



Tuvok Friday, Jan 21 2011 

Lieutenant Tuvok


As promised in previous post, this is Lieutenant Tuvok, Security Officer.  Loyal companion, socially inept, can be quite scary.  If you’re a dude visiting the house, he probably won’t like you and he definitely won’t like your dog!

Not much was done to this photo.  This was taken on a clear dry day in November right after I got my camera.  We were out raking leaves and dealing with limbs from a tree that fell during a wind storm.  Tuvok decided  too many sticks were going into the yard debris bin, so he rescued a few.  It was a fun afternoon for him and at age 11, he was pretty stiff the next day.

All I did with this photo was brighten up things a tiny bit and add a vignette around the edge.  I really like the vignette function, really like it!  Like it so much I’m starting to try it on every photo I edit, not a good idea.  Note to self, every photo will not need a vignette, don’t get carried away!

Speaking of Tuvok, he’s looking at me wondering when I’m going to get out of the office and come relax with him…so I’m off!

Cat Clarity Thursday, Jan 20 2011 

Enter Barclay.

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay

Long Haired Mutt Cat at Age 6

Killer of Mice, Rats and other Miscellaneous Vermin

Trusty Side Kick to Lieutenant Tuvok, Security Officer

(Tuvok is the resident German Shepherd and he will be pictured in future postings)

Quiz: Where do the names of our pets come from?

This is Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.  He’s known by other aliases such as Barcles, Bac Bacanakel, Del, Del Boca Vista, DB….there are probably more. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a complex.  Usually we just say “DEL!”, because he’s always meowing, talking and it sounds like he’s saying “WELL!”

We Love Barclay.  He’s quite photogenic when he sits still. Such a lovely long haired coat of black.  This particular day he was lounging with most of his body inside a Nordstrom bag.  The sun was shining in through the living room window and hitting his face perfectly.

Enter the camera.

I took several shots, many fuzzy.  Fuzzy because you know, in manual mode, one most hold completely still when dealing with inadequate light.  You can also use a tripod but considering that Barclay’s head was flat against the floor, I simply placed the camera on the ground and smooshed myself onto the floor as well. Not only the camera needs to be still however, the  subject does too.  Barclay managed to stay still with eyes focused on me or the camera lense for a few good photos.

Most of the originals turned out pretty blue so I used photoshop elements to enhance the colors to a more Barclay specific hue.  I may have accidentally still had the camera on the incandescent light mode from some interior night shots I’d taken the day before, causing a sort of blue tinge.  At any rate, as you can see from the photo, easily fixed.

The clarity of the photo amazes me – how you can see the dander under Barclay’s eyes.  The focus was in the wrong place though.  I think an eye would have been a better choice than the middle of the nose. Whatever though, who cares.  I love this photo, it’s probably my favorite photo of Barclay.

Quiz answer: Star Trek Voyager/Star Trek The Next Generation