Clean Caesar Dressing Saturday, Jun 9 2012 

Clean Caesar Dressing

2 Tbsp High Quality Dijon Mustard

3 Tbsp White Vinegar

1 Garlic Clove

1/4 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Squeeze of lemon

Mix dijon, vinegar and garlic in glass jar with lid.  Add olive oil and stir.  Put lid on jar and shake vigorously.

Delicious Caesar dressing without the mayo!


I’m having this on some organic greens mixed with avocado.  The salad will be topped with a scoop of brown rice mixed with shaved unsweetened coconut, unsweetened dried cranberries and raisins and sliced apple.  Delicious and clean!


Cleansing, take 2 Saturday, Jun 9 2012 

About 9 months ago I embarked on the first cleanse I have ever done.  This cleanse was the result of my reading CLEAN by Dr Alejandro Jungar.  Amazing book, I highly recommend it.  The cleanse was incredible, results amazing and I have adhered to what Dr. Jungar calls the “Elimination Diet” (ED) on and off for the past year and a half.

The time has come that I would like to cleanse again, however the 3-4 week time span needed to do so just isn’t available in my schedule.  I’ve been on a food and booze binge since vacationing in Hawaii last month and the madness has got to stop but I just can’t seem to break the bad habits.  This focus will help.

If you’re reading this blog, well you’ll get to follow me through the program as I come and go with it for the next month or so.

My plan is to cleanse when I can and stop when social events and vacations present themselves.  I’m hopeful that because of the cleansing between these outings I’ll make better decisions about my diet when embarking on them.

Day 1 is tomorrow…June 9.

This cleanse will last through Thursday, June 14.

I’ll then take 4 days off and go back on the cleanse Tuesday, June 19 through Thursday, June 28….and so on.  I’ll be taking a pretty big break beginning the 3rd week in July.

So we begin…The program consists of liquid breakfast and dinner with a solid lunch and light snacks as needed. Basically everything follows items on the Elimination Diet list of yes/no foods.  Basically no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no sugar, no coffee (possibly the worst part) ….most fruits and vegetables are allowed, lots of gluten free grains and some meat which I don’t eat.  Lots of supplements and lots of water.